Boost Your Curb Appeal
Exterior residential painting can make your home look about 10 percent more than it is worth, according to a new real estate study ,and that is just the result of color that’s applied with care. We can help you choose a main color, secondary color and trim that will make your house stand out from the rest. We use quality paints from Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore, Frazee, Ralph Lauren, and many more.

We will always consider the architecture and style, the rest of the neighborhood, and any homeowner association rules you need to follow. In the end, though, we will give you the colors that make you happy to come home at the end of the day.

Appealing tones are just the beginning. We apply the paint with the precision that comes from years of experience and dedication to our craft. It is very important that your residential painting be done on a perfectly clean and smooth surface. We’ll put in the effort to fill in gouges, sand rough surfaces, replace damaged wood, and remove dirt completely. Priming helps the paint stick, hides dark colors and can stop mildew from growing.

We can also paint your porches, railing, decks and doors. As a full service residential painting company, we believe in doing a complete job to transform the outside of your home.

Pressure Washing 
Get rid of dirt and build-up completely with our professional pressure washing service. Not only does it prepare a house for new color; it also brightens up and renews any home in minutes.

Dirt, bird droppings, mineral stains and mold are a normal part of nature. But your house’s curb appeal doesn’t have to bear the marks for years and years. We can bring it to like-new condition in a very short time. Our residential painting methods are tailored to the type of surface you have: wood, stucco, engineered siding and concrete. We will adjust the pressure to suit the material and its condition. You will see only clean with no damage left behind.

Quality Work 
We make sure our prep work is careful and our painting techniques are perfect. You won’t see splatters, fuzzy edges or color that is applied unevenly. The work you expect is what you will get: precise, clean and beautifully long-lasting.

Call now for great ideas, first-rate quality and estimates that work with your budget. We offer residential painting services in San Diego County from Camp Pendelton, Encinitas, Cardiff, Leucadia, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla, Clairmont, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Mission Valley. Kensington, South Park, North Park, Del Cerro, La Mesa, El Cajon, Alpine, Jamul, and much more.

Inside Your Home
If you have always wanted to see your favorite shade of blue when you open your eyes each morning, or surround your guests in a buttery-warm kitchen, we are your residential painting company. We can help you choose among the tens of thousands of shades available or use custom matching to pick up an accent color in your favorite rug.

Not only do we think about the color itself, we consider the finish. An eggshell satin will reflect the light in a very different way than a high gloss shine. Our residential painting service will look at the play of light in your rooms. We will discuss the right trim colors to complete the room’s look.

Even the ceiling is part of the total picture. People no longer consider the room finished with builder’s white ceilings. You can paint it the same shade as the walls, or a slightly different intensity. This can open up a small room or visually bring a big room down to cozier proportions. Just ask us! We have a wealth of great ideas to put your style on display.

Careful Preparation
Every residential painting job we do gets the utmost care before we ever pick up a roller or a sprayer. You can be sure your surfaces will be cleaned; dings and dents will be invisibly patched; and the right primer will be used to prepare the walls for fresh color.

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